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SafePork and PigRisk projects

Project name in full: 'Market-based approach to improving the safety of pork in Vietnam' (SafePork), and 'Reducing disease risks and improving food safety in the smallholder pig value chain in Vietnam' (PigRisk)

Welcome to the Wikispace for Australian Center for International Agricultural Research-funded PigRISK and SafePORK projects.

The project focuses on the following research areas:

  • Human and economic costs of pork-borne diseases in smallholder pig value chains in Vietnam, and opportunities for risk management
  • The utility of risk-based approaches to food safety and pork-borne diseases as opposed to the current hazard-based approach
  • The role of incentive-based innovations in mitigating human and animal health risks in smallholder pig value chains

This space will be used as a tool to aid communication within the project. Here you will find relevant internal documents, meeting/workshop notes, relevant links and other miscellaneous project outputs.

If you have any questions about the Wiki, or would like to contribute, please email Fred Unger